Please fire my boss!

I'm a employee from a 3rd world country, with a FU** government that give a nothing to you and where the social security is a shame! It's a 007 imposible mission to save some money in this country! If you don't have some saved money in your old age, forget, will say "HI SWEET BOSS!" until the last day of your life!

I could try to sell you "earn easy money at home" or "enlarge your penis" manuals, but NO!!! I just want some few dollars to in a MAGIC DAY I can KICK THE A** OF MY BOSS!!

If your dream, as mine is to FIRE YOUR BOSS, please be complacent. I save all possible and impossible money from my salary, dreaming with "THE MAGIC DAY".

Probably you already spent some few dollars with a lot of stupid things, why not really help somebody to realize your DREAM!?

I swear you that this money will be employed with great responsability! Me and my family are very economic persons, not consumist. I studied a lot and have good economic knowledge to diversify investments with responsability, so that money earned with that program will remains for a very long time and hopefully to my sons and next generations!

I just want to save some money to SEND MY BOSS TO THE HE**! And way out of this modern slave program that all we live today!